bamazooka biography

There is nothing quite like the combination of sounds that Christina Brady-Wokuluk molds into musical compositions as the one woman band Bamazooka. Her instinct for fusing world instruments, beats and voices is truly amazing. Once you hear the unique character of her musical mélange you will be hooked.

Christina was born in Santa Monica California. Her natural ability for the arts came from her parents: Her father being a professional musician, her mother a clothing designer. She was raised in and around the Los Angeles area where she studied all the arts including; acting, dance, painting, ceramics, jewelry, fashion and traditional/digital music.  She attended Pierce College, UCLA and the University of Metaphysics (now University of Sedona) where she received her Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.  “Spirituality is a big part of my life,” Christina explains, “I tap into a higher level of consciousness to channel that essence into my music.” Over the years Christina has explored numerous artistic projects. Her paintings and works in clay have been added to private collections on the east and west coasts of the United States. Her art spans the political gamut as well. Both Nancy Reagan and Yoko Ono own scarves hand painted by Christina. Her jewelry, wood sculptures, pottery and digital art have also found there way to collections and personal displays. Now her musical talent is showcased in her first CD BAMAZOOKA – One Woman Band.

The creation of BAMAZOOKA – One Woman Band began in 2006. “I wasn’t feeling very creative with the art projects I was involved with at the time,” recalls Christina. “I wanted to do something completely different.” Christina found her creative outlet at Macworld in San Francisco. After listening to a presentation by Mike Carrera at the Berklee School of Music area she was inspired to begin her new artistic adventure – music.  “That first year was a real challenge,” Christina remembers, “I was learning new music software and trying to compose at the same time. At times it was very frustrating.” She got through that first year without too many digital scratches and she had a few great compositions to boot.

A few weeks into the second year of Christina’s musical journey her father passed away.  This event pretty much stopped her creative wheels from turning.  “I was in a creative spin”, Christina explains, “I couldn’t focus on anything. Friends and family helped me through the grief process and I got back on track. My dad was a drummer and a singer with his own band for 50 some odd years. When I sat back down to restart my CD, it was like my dad was right there beside me. My music took on a very percussive flavor. It was exciting.”

Christina worked on new tracks through 2008 until mid 2009. She then began working with producer Jonathan Vaku honing the tracks and positioning them in a sequence that would give them the optimum sonic aesthetic. “When you buy a CD you should be getting a musical experience. Each musical composition should relate to the next creating a natural transition and harmonious flow.” says Vaku, “I think Christina’s work lends itself to this philosophy beautifully.”

By the end of 2009 the CD was complete and ready for it’s official release date of January 19, 2010. “I am so excited,” said Christina with a smile, “I can’t wait for everyone to hear my three year labor of love.”