Welcome to the bamazooka website

OmExtreme Records was pleased to announce the official release of the CD "Bamazooka - One Woman Band" back in January of 2010. It's still available in select stores and online now. This unique musical adventure is comprised of 15 amazing tracks. The placement of each track delivers a CD that is an inspired fusion of world instruments, beats and voices that delivers an extraordinary sonic experience.

about our site

We are constantly updating this site to keep you abreast of the latest Bamazooka news and happenings. We also are tuned in to other music, news, product and socially relevant sites on the net. We have linked this site with those that we feel you might enjoy.

We've had a few people comment that they couldn't find any samples of the music. Here's what to do: Go to the "store" by clicking on the store button at the top of this page or the text link at the bottom of this page. Click on any link below the "bamazooka CD as digital download here..." headline. All of the digital download sites have samples of all 15 tracks.

Our blog is now up and running on blogspot.com. There is a link on our blog/contact page.

Please enjoy our site as it stands right now. Come back every once in a while to see how we've grown. Our new CD is in the works! It should be out sometime in 2013!

Have a great day...Bamazooka